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We specialize in nutrient injection therapy, from simple B12 shots to unique all-natural injectable elixirs that you won’t find anywhere else. Each unique shot blend has been carefully created to target very specific goals. Depending on what your health concerns + goals are, we can custom craft a shot to meet your needs. Our formulary consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, powerful antioxidants + natural medicines for nearly endless possibilities for custom blends.

The B12 Shot — Straight Up

If it’s simply a B12 shot you’re looking for, we administer only the top-shelf forms of B12 for injection: hydroxo- or methylcobalamin, depending on what is available from our trusted + certified pharmacies.

2500 mcg B12


5000 mcg B12


Flagship Shots

These blends are what put us on the map + heralded our fame. They’re formulated to increase metabolism, boost energy, improve mood, support detoxification pathways + liver function, as well as reduce cholesterol + balance glucose (sugar) levels in the body.


This powerful antioxidant protects from free radical damage, aids in recovery and is great liver support, aiding in detoxification while supporting every cell in the body! Suggested Enhancement: B12, Biotin

HOT SHOT 30.00

Our most cost-effective blend boosts energy, improves stamina + helps controls weight. Crafted with B12, methionine*, inositol + choline, and L-carnitine.


This is our Hot Shot complete with B12, methionine*, inositol + choline, and L-carnitine plus the addition of taurine* to power up your metabolism, boost energy, increase focus + improve endurance that much more!

POP STAR 40.00

This is our Hot Shot topped with glutathione*. It has all the same ingredients (nutrients) as our famous Rock Star, only half the dose. But that doesn’t mean we skimp on the goods—the Rock Star has a double dose of everything! The Pop Star is excellent as a weekly supplement or as a pre- + post-party-like-a-POP-star shot. It also has the nutrients found in studies to treat male infertility.


Our Rock Star is a double Hot Shot with a double dose of glutathione*: the rock star of all antioxidants! This finely crafted injectable improves immunity, supports liver function + promotes detoxification. Excellent as a pre- + post-party-like-a-rock-star shot and may help treat male infertility.


This is our Rock Star shot — a double Hot Shot with a double dose of glutathione*— plus a topper of taurine* to power up your metabolism, boost energy, increase focus + improve endurance that much more!


This is our Rock Star topped with extra glutathione. Extra antioxidants promote healthy liver function, detoxification + overall general health + wellness. This blend also supports healthy immune function + fat metabolism.


When you need EVERYTHING, we’ve got you covered! This is our Extra Hot Rock Star with a dose of dexpanthenol + B-Complex toppers. This shot is packed full of nutrients, designed to give you maximum energy, antioxidant support + keep your adrenal glands going.

Lipotropic Shots


This is our stellar weight loss formula. It’s a double Hot Shot topped with a select natural medicine to aid digestion + metabolism.


This is our Triple Burner shot with a topper of taurine* to take your metabolism, weight loss + energy to the next stratosphere! If you’re looking for the best weight loss formula, this is it!

Specialty Shots


We add dexpanthenol, magnesium + a specialized natural medicine blend to our Hot Shot to support adrenal + immune function, reduce stress + curb nervous anxiety. Suggested Enhancement: Glutathione*


This anti-aging + beauty formula is designed to fortify hair, skin, + nails while slowing the aging process + supporting over-all health. It’s a Hot Shot blended with biotin**, glutathione + a custom natural medicine blend.


This is our Extra Hot Shot combined with a natural medicine formula to improve focus, memory, concentration, mental fatigue + increase circulation to the brain.


This is the ultimate cold + flu rescue, B12, methionine*, inositol, choline + a specialized natural medicine formula help reduce symptoms + shorten the duration of a cold or influenza-like illness – or prevent one! Highly recommended before travel or if you’ve been around people who are or have been sick. Suggested Enhancement: Glutathione*, Vitamin D


This blend combines our Hot Shot with magnesium + a select natural medicine blend to facilitate healing as well as reduce inflammation + pain associated with joint + muscle aches, strains + sprains, arthritis, overuse—from exercise, running marathons + more! Suggested Enhancements: Glutathione*, She-Ra topper (for the ladies)


This adaptogenic blend of nutrients, including B12, methionine*, inositol + choline, is combined with a natural medicine formula specific for balancing female hormones + helping you to feel like the princess you are. Suggested Enhancements: Glutathione*, Magnesium


This is the ultimate formula for ladies needing both hormone + weight loss support. This combo blends the very best of our She-Ra + Triple Burner shots. Vitamin B12 is formulated with methionine*, inositol, choline + specialized natural medicine for hormone + emotional balance, fat reduction, blood sugar control + cholesterol management. It’s the perfect choice for peri- + menopausal women, although extremely beneficial for ladies of any age who need the support, including those with PCOS.

Shot Enhancements (Toppers)









Vitamin D


Lipotroptic MIC






Natural Medicine Blend


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Meet Your Care Team

Dr. Joseph Scarpuzzi, ND

Meet Joseph Scarpuzzi, ND

You will find Dr. Scarpuzzi at the Cardiff and Carlsbad locations. He provides natural therapies for men and women looking for hormone treatments, gut health, natural aesthetic procedures, and nutritional therapies. He’s dedicated to finding the root cause and helping his patients achieve optimal health.

Dr.Ridao Headshot Circle

Meet Jordan Ridao, ND

You will find Dr. Ridao at the Mission Valley and Little Italy locations. Her experience is varied ranging from treating patients with cardiovascular disease, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, hormone imbalance, weight loss, and musculoskeletal pain, among other primary care conditions. 

* Sulfur-containing amino acids (not to be confused with sulfa drugs). Glutathione may be contraindicated in the presence of cancer, as it protects all cells. Intramuscular (IM) injection of glutathione has been found to reduce toxicity following chemotherapeutic drugs. Please consult with your personal licensed physician to see if glutathione is appropriate for you.


**Biotin can interfere with some laboratory testing, this may cause results to be either falsely elevated or decreased. This can cause your healthcare practitioners to misdiagnose and mistreat their patients. To be safe we suggest abstaining from any supplements or shots containing biotin for 1 week prior to having your blood drawn for any medical testing.


We use many different natural medicines in our shot formulas. Where a shot description may refer to “select natural medicines,” a “natural medicine blend,” a “natural medicine formula,” a “blend of natural medicine,” “specialized natural medicine,” or any other description about natural medicines, each shot contains its own blend of natural medicine that target the symptoms of that particular shot. Natural medicine injections are pregnancy category C.

Shots, shot formulas, services, locations, times, availability + prices subject to change without notice. We do not offer refunds or exchanges.
The products, formulas + claims made about specific products + formulas have not been evaluated by the United States Food + Drug Administration + are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Use of these products + formulas should not be used in place of treatments recommended by your qualified healthcare practitioner. Before beginning any supplemental treatment or new dietary or lifestyle regime, you should consult with your personal doctor. Results may very person to person.