Bioidentical Hormones

Natural Solutions For A Healthy + Beautiful Mind, Body + Life
Putting you back into balance is what we do.

Our endocrine glands produce many important hormones needed to keep us feeling healthy. Making sure they are balanced can take us from feeling unwell to a feeling of optimal health!

The Body Blu approach is to use the safest and most natural treatments that achieve results.

Four major natural types of treatments commonly used to treat the female hormones, thyroid + adrenal glands are:


  • Botanical Medicines
  • Nutraceutical Supplements
  • Glandulars
  • or by using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.


These hormones are identical on a molecular level with the bodies own hormones. The estrogen and progesterone are derived from either soy and/or yams and testosterone is derived from phytosterols, chemical compounds derived from plants. They are administered commonly via oral, topical cream applications or intramuscular injections.

At Body Blu we work with our patients to educate and help them determine which type of therapy is going to be the best fit for their body.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a possible hormone imbalance and would like to discuss this further, we offer a free 10 minute consultation. We will be more than happy to discuss our approach in greater details before you make a decision about your health.

Meet Your Care Team

Dr. Joseph Scarpuzzi, ND

Meet Joseph Scarpuzzi, NMD

You will find Dr. Scarpuzzi at the Cardiff office. He provides natural therapies for men and women looking for hormone treatments, gut health, natural aesthetic procedures, and nutritional therapies. He’s dedicated to finding the root cause and helping his patients achieve optimal health.

Dr.Ridao Headshot Circle

Meet Jordan Ridao, NMD

You will find Dr. Ridao at the Cardiff, Mission Valley, and Little Italy locations. Her experience is varied ranging from treating patients with cardiovascular disease, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, hormone imbalance, weight loss, and musculoskeletal pain, among other primary care conditions. 

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