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What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that is important for metabolism and ATP energy production in the mitochondria of our cells, providing the cell with the ability to carry out its functions. NAD+ impacts a wide variety of systems including digestion, cognition and mental acuity, aging, and overall energy levels.

What does the science say about aging?

NAD+ levels decline in the body as we age, which decreases the body’s ability to convert nutrients into cellular energy. Levels are at their highest in newborns, and decrease to roughly half that concentration by the age of 50. We now know that mitochondrial health correlates to overall health and longevity, so NAD+ is highly regarded as an anti-aging compound.

Why would I need an NAD+ shot?

Providing an additional source of NAD+ to the aging body allows you to have better mood regulation, improved sleep, consistent fuel and energy for day-to-day needs, and additional cellular protection against damage by free radicals.

NAD+ therapy might be right for you if you are seeking to:
  • Slow the aging process
    • Boost metabolism and energy
    • Help regenerate and heal cells
    • Improve brain regeneration & neurological function
    • Regulate inflammation and DNA protection
  • Restore muscle function and athletic performance
  • Improve anxiety and depression
  • Reduce chronic pain and overall fatigue

What to expect at your first NAD+ treatment:

The injection process is similar to a B12 shot, however your first visit will take approximately 20-25 minutes as you will be asked to stay 10-15 minutes after the injection. 


The benefits of NAD+ are dose dependent, meaning that improvements can be more noticeable and longer-lasting as greater dosages are introduced into the body. At Body Blu, we offer varying dosages intramuscularly, and high dose NAD+ is available through IV administration.

Can there be side-effects?

There can be some mild side-effects associated with NAD+ therapy that you may or may not experience. Side effects most often occur from dosing too rapidly. At Body Blu we make a point to introduce NAD+ gradually to avoid any uncomfortable side effects. Side effects may include symptoms like nausea, increased heart rate, flushing, headache, or shortness of breath. If these side effects occur, they are generally short-lasting and can be monitored in the short time that you are with your doctor at Body Blu.

How does NAD+ work at the cellular level?

Through the Kreb’s cycle and glycolysis, NAD+ accepts a hydrogen ion to form NADH during ATP production. NADH then donates electrons during oxidative phosphorylation in the electron transport chain to further generate ATP. It is this balance of redox reactions that controls the NAD+ to NADH ratio and this ratio is crucial for homeostasis, generation of oxidative stress, antioxidation, and cell survival or death. If NAD+ and ultimately ATP production in our body is less than optimal, a whole list of body processes will be affected and this contributes to the overall perception of “fatigue”.

Meet Your Care Team

Dr. Joseph Scarpuzzi, ND

Meet Joseph Scarpuzzi, ND

You will find Dr. Scarpuzzi at the Cardiff and Carlsbad locations. He provides natural therapies for men and women looking for hormone treatments, gut health, natural aesthetic procedures, and nutritional therapies. He’s dedicated to finding the root cause and helping his patients achieve optimal health.

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Meet Jordan Ridao, ND

You will find Dr. Ridao at the Mission Valley and Little Italy locations. Her experience is varied ranging from treating patients with cardiovascular disease, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, hormone imbalance, weight loss, and musculoskeletal pain, among other primary care conditions.

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