Not only is Body Blu an eco-chic alternative medical studio that specializes in naturopathic medicine + natural aesthetics, including non-surgical facelifts + natural solutions for skin rejuvenation, it is also a unique fusion of medical bars + lounges for whole body rejuvenation + health maintenance. Each bar has a unique feel + is setup for the specialized treatment it is designed to accommodate. From The Shot Bar™ where there’s literally standing room only to get a specialty B12 shot, to our Inspiration Bar® for inhalation therapy, to our semi-private Drip Lounge™ for nutrient IV therapy, to our private Restoration Lounge™. We creatively improve health utilizing injection, IV therapy + inhalation (breathing) therapy for fast results. We think outside the box + have a different room to support each unique therapy we offer. This is The Art of Medicine. This is Body Blu.


September 24, 2014


Alternative Medicine, B12 shots, Health